VPro5 - Part of the Inspire Orthodontics FastTrack Suite of Accelerated Orthodontics Products

Interested in completing your orthodontic treatment faster, and with greater comfort? Who's not, right? Ask us about the VPro5, from Propel® Orthodontics!  

CopyOf_Square-VPro5-1The VPro5 is a simple-to-use, take-home bite-tray that oscillates at a specific frequency. The use of specific-frequency vibration to help stimulate bone metabolism and improve healing has been well-proven and utilized for decades in osteopathic (bone) surgeries and injuries. Although the body of research within this area specific to tooth movement is still developing, the concept is now being adapted to orthodontic treatment, as bone-metabolism is what allows the teeth to move.

The VPro5 only requires 5 minutes of use each day and may be used with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, and with our Damon System Braces. Using the VPro5 benefits our patients in several ways. The VPRO5 helps to ensure that your aligners are seated around your teeth as closely as possible, increasing the aligners’ “grip” and precision-fit on the teeth, and in turn, decreasing treatment time. Another added benefit? Many patients using the VPro5 report improved comfort after changing aligners or having their braces adjusted. 

Benefits and Features

Decresed treatment time

·         Decreased treatment time

·         Increased comfort after aligner and braces adjustments

·         Improved aligner fit and seating

·         Works seamlessly with other systems 

·         Convenient 5-minute wear time

·         Intuitive light notifications for easy operation

Working in concert with our other accelerated treatment options, the VPRO5 becomes part of our system to achieve your beautiful smile faster...and more comfortably...than ever before! Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more about these exciting treatment options!