3D Printer

At Inspire Orthodontics, Dr. Housewright has taken the orthodontic process to the next level by incorporating 3D printing. Through the advanced technology of 3D printing, Dr. Housewright is able to print the scanned impressions of your teeth to create precise appliances, including clear aligners and retainers.

3D Laser Scanner - iTero System


Enjoy goopy dental molds? We didn't think so. Instead, the iTero system will perform a 3D laser scan of your teeth and bite, providing an incredibly accurate digital model of your teeth.

Digital Radiographs


Have you heard of the ALARA concept in x-ray radiology? ALARA stands for "As Low As Reasonably Achievable" referring to taking xrays only when necessary and at the lowest dose and exposure possible. Dr. Housewright prescribes the least amount of x-rays necessary to acquire the needed diagnostic information, and only when there is direct benefit. No cookie-cutter "x-rays every six months" at Inspire Orthodontics.

We also utilize a digital radiograph machine that operates with significantly less x-rays than film-based machines. Dr. Housewright’s utilization and mastery of digital imaging technology allows him to enhance your orthodontic treatment and protect his patients from radiation.

Virtual Treatment Monitoring

Unable to make it to the office for your consult, or need some help with a treatment question? You have the option of having a virtual appointment using our OrthoScreening website tool. Our dental monitoring technology allows our team to monitor your treatment from the comfort of your own home!  A convenient, easy-to-use scan from your phone is all it takes! Of course, we always remain available for your call, and to make an in-office appointment for you when you prefer.