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What Is Propel Orthodontics?
Posted on 01/19/2017

What Is Propel Orthodontics?

As an adult, a perfect, healthy smile is probably high on your wish list of priorities. But, you may have concerns about spending years in braces or clear aligners. Ugh! Luckily, there have been many advancements in the orthodontic field, such as the new orthodontic procedure called PROPEL Orthodontics, that can speed up your treatment in safe and healthy ways. Using Propel with your orthodontic treatment has the potential to speed up your treatment time for braces and aligners by 30, 40 or even 50%! If you’re interested in this innovative procedure, then you are in luck! Your local Littleton and Highlands Ranch orthodontist, Dr. Housewright, is an expert in PROPEL orthodontics.

How Does the PROPEL Orthodontics System Work?
Propel is a very quick procedure, performed in minutes, that involves creating one or two small "micro-perforations" (think acupuncture) between the roots of the teeth. The procedure is done using topical anesthetics, without the need for injections. The micro-perforations stimulate the healing process and bone metabolism - the processes that allow teeth to move in orthodontics - allowing the teeth to move faster.  

Additional Information About PROPEL Orthodontics

If you wish to further your knowledge and take advantage of this advanced procedure, please visit the official PROPEL website or continue browsing our website, Inspire Orthodontics. Moreover, if this accelerated treatment option appeals to you, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Housewright at Inspire Orthodontics, your local Littleton and Highlands Ranch orthodontist office or fill out an online appointment request form. We look forward to your visit!