Digital Imaging

Digital Radiographs

Orthodontist performs a digital radiograph on a young patient.

As your trusted children’s orthodontist and provider of Littleton and Highlands Ranch braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, one of the ways that we at Inspire Orthodontics stay ahead of the curve is through our digital imaging technology. Our radiographs, or X-rays, will provide invaluable information about your oral and dental health and will help diagnose your orthodontic condition and plan your treatment. While radiographic equipment will produce radiation (though not significantly higher than ‘everyday’ radiation, such as from a television), we take every precaution for the benefit of our patients. Dr. Wade D. Housewright makes sure to take the least amount of X-rays necessary to acquire the diagnostic information needed and he also utilizes a digital radiograph machine that operates with significantly less X-rays than film-based machines. Dr. Housewright’s utilization and mastery of digital imaging technology allows him to offer the following.

Dolphin Imaging Software

Dolphin Imaging Software is capable of being utilized in many ways to enhance the diagnosis and treatment planning of an orthodontic condition. It can provide:

  • Photographic image documentation, morphing, and illustration
  • Surgical planning
  • Radiographic image storing, measurement, and manipulation
  • Facial analysis
  • Skeletal analysis
  • Dental analysis

iTero Scanning

The iTero Digital Impression System is able to replace the messy and uncomfortable dental molds that are traditionally used. Instead, the iTero system will perform a 3D laser scan of your teeth and bite, providing an incredibly accurate digital model of your teeth. This will help aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and virtual design of your orthodontic treatment. These digital files will then be forwarded to our laboratories in order to create our Littleton and Highland Ranch Invisalign Teen and Invisalign treatments.


Lythos is a 3-D handheld intraoral impression system. With this laser-reflection, video-capture technology, an incredibly precise virtual model of your teeth and bite can be created quickly without needing any of the traditional goopy molds. Dr. Housewright will use your digital model and diagnostic exam records along with the Insignia Advanced Smile Design software to help diagnose and plan your smile and bite. After it’s finished, your digital impressions will be used to reverse-engineer custom orthodontic Damon System brackets and archwires that’ll perfectly fit your teeth and jaw shape.

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