About Dr. Wade Housewright

Wade D. Housewright, DDS, MS

Dr. Housewright is an orthodontist serving in Littleton, CO.

Dr. Wade Housewright goes to “work” every day on a mission to help people smile! He embraces his role as a respected specialist in the field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics; a trusted, experienced guide in helping his patients achieve their best and healthiest smiles. Through a skillful blend of art, science, expertise, and individualized treatment planning, Dr. Housewright truly has fun partnering with his patients to provide beautifully-balanced faces and amazing smiles, with a foundation of long-term dental health and stability.

Never forgetting the person behind the smile, Dr. Housewright is motivated by a desire to be a positive force in the lives of his patients. He is keen to share a corny joke, a favorite quote, or discuss personal development topics. Dr. Housewright believes that you succeed best by helping others to succeed. He is an active supporter of numerous community charities and local schools, the Avout Racing Inspire Orthodontics Junior Bike Team and other youth bicycling initiatives, and the Inspire Orthodontics Smile AngelsTM, a program established to provide orthodontic treatment for patients in need. 

Furthering His Education

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Miles on a cruise
After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at The University of Colorado School of Dentistry, Dr. Housewright attended three years of post-doctoral training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at the University of Kentucky Orthodontic Residency Program. There, he earned his Certificate of Specialty in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and a supplementary Master of Science (MS) degree while conducting research about congenitally missing teeth among Kentucky and Colorado orthodontic and pediatric dental populations. At the residency program, Dr. Housewright’s duties included teaching orthodontic diagnosis and biomechanics to the dental students, as well as, supervising dental students’ clinical orthodontic cases.

Education, Awards, and Professional Achievements

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Teigan at Denver Zoo
Throughout his professional career, Dr. Housewright has been committed to providing excellent, high-quality orthodontic treatment with exceptional patient service. Each year, he consistently exceeds the requirements for continuing education in order to continually update his knowledge in the field. He maintains active memberships in the leading dental and orthodontic organizations, including the:

In addition, Dr. Housewright was nominated by his colleagues to serve on the Board of the Colorado Orthodontic Association, a seven-year term that culminated in the presidency of the Association. As part of his commitment to the COA, Dr. Housewright served as the orthodontic case reviewer/consultant on the Peer Review Committee of the Colorado Dental Association.


  • University of Colorado, BS Biology, Summa Cum Laude
  • University of Colorado School of Dentistry, Class President and Valedictorian
  • OKU National Dental Honor Society 
  • OKU W.S. Kramer Award of Excellence
  • American Association of Orthodontists Award of Excellence for Interest in Orthodontics
  • Award of Excellence in Oral Pathology
  • Award of Excellence in Oral Diagnosis and Medicine

    Wearing the Family Hat

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    Outside of the office, Dr. Housewright happily devotes his time to his family. He and his wife, Karen, enjoy time with their sons, Miles, Teigan and Tagger, taking advantage of the many activities Colorado has to offer, or settling in for a movie night at home. They share a love for the outdoors and especially enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and skiing…and…more biking. And, they rarely pass up a chance to catch one of Colorado’s many sports or cultural events!


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    Dr. Wade and Karen finish the MS150. Will you join them next year?
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    Dr. Wade, Teig and Tag at Mount Evans stream