OrthoSafe™ Lifetime Retainers

Ortho-Safe™ Lifetime Retainer Package


Wearing retainers is absolutely essential to maintaining your long-lasting, inspiring smile. The active movement portion of orthodontic treatment with braces, clear aligners, or other appliances is only temporary! It's what you do after active treatment that ensures long-term success...and that is dedicated discipline with the humble, often-underestimated, yet all-important, smile-saving Super Hero of orthodontics...duhn, duhn, duuhhnnn...THE RETAINER! 

To help you protect your investment and keep you smiling for life, Dr. Housewright designed the unique Inspire Orthodontics OrthoSafe™ Lifetime Retainer Package. Whenever your retainers get lost…and then found (by the dog), stay on vacation when you don’t, when you have dental work completed, or your retainers wear out, this exclusive program will allow you to breathe easily and replace them quickly with incredible savings!

Off to college? No worries! You’ll be covered.

Moving out of state? No worries! You’ll be covered.

Abducted by aliens? No worries! Well…hmmm, that's a tough one.

Eliminate the worry of lost or broken retainers by adding the OrthoSafe™ Lifetime Retainer Package to your treatment plan. A 3D, digital scan of your new smile and bite will be taken and stored after your treatment is finished. If you ever need a replacement retainer, we will print your model and send you a new retainer...wherever you are in the world...whenever you need it*! Easy-peasy! You’re covered!

(*Shipping and handling costs may vary.)