Who We Are

Meet Your Team

Your Fearless Smile Coach:

Wade D. Housewright, DDS, MS - Orthodontic Specialist/Owner - Inspire Orthodontics
Dr. Wade Housewright

Respected in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Wade Housewright is a positive force in the lives of his patients. With over 17 years of experience creating beautiful, healthy smiles using modern technologies and techniques, he is widely appreciated by both his patients and their families for the transformations he and his Inspire Team create in their lives.

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Your Mission Control Team

Stephanie B. - 
Stephanie B
Strength Words - Determined, Empathetic, Proactive
"I love working somewhere that is constantly working on not only our patient's growth and development, but the personal growth of our entire team." 

Francine 'Frankie' L. - 
Francis "Frankie" L
Strength Words - Charismatic, Ingenuity, Accommodating
"I like to contribute and help people. It's one of the most most fulfilling things that a person can do."

Our New Patient Liaison Team

Noor T. - Treatment Coordinator
Noor T
Strength Words - Optimistic, Innovative, Team-Player "I love being a part of changing someone's smile to bring them confidence and joy."

Skye S. - Treatment Coordinator
Skye S

Strength Words - Efficiency, Organization, Compassion
"I enjoy getting patients started on their smile transformation while providing personalized first-class customer service."

Your Clinical Operations Team:

Debbie R. - Clinical Orthodontic Assistant
Debbie R
Strength Words - Relator, Ideation, Positivity
“I enjoy working for Dr. Housewright, a perfectionist that creates functional, beautiful smiles. He encourages our team and patients to set and obtain their goals.” 

Chelsey M. - Clinical Orthodontic Assistant                                                           
Chelsey M
Strength Words - Achiever, Input, Intellection
“We give our patients an enjoyable, personalized experience with modern treatment that gives them the best result possible."

Molly L. - Clinical Orthodontic Assistant
Molly L
Strength Words - Drive, Compassion, Unity
"I'm happy to provide quality and customized care in a warm and welcoming environment."

Aof S. - Clinical Orthodontic Assistant
Aof S 
Strength Words - Kindness, Education, Humor
"I love how Dr. Wade constantly believes in me. He pushed me to endeavor on projects that I thought were beyond my abilities both in age and knowledge."

Lan L. - Sterile and Lab Technician 
Lan L
Strength Words - Focus, Harmony, Responsibility
"Your smile is your best accessory. I love being able to say that my job is to help people achieve a beautiful smile." 

Marketing Team:

Margaux F. - Marketing Coordinator
Margaux F
Strength Words - Communication, Creativity, Teamwork
"To give someone their smile is to give them the confidence to change the world. I am honored to be a part of that mission."