School Support Program

School-Support-Program-Image-with-50DonationWhen a student starts treatment in our office, we will donate $50 to their school!

We also do classroom presentations:

  1. Dental health and oral hygiene – We discuss life cycle of plaque and how it creates gum disease and tooth decay, importance of brushing daily to prevent. Typically we also bring cups with alginate impression material and let the kids make a mold of their peace fingers and pore stone in the mold so they leave with a cast of their fingers. This is great for young kids.
  2. Dental technology – We educate on laser scanners, 3D images, 3D printing, custom braces because of the 3D printing, digital X-rays, and CAD X-rays. We can show how he takes the 3D image and treatment plans on the computer, and then a series of algorithm are made to show how the teeth will move to where he wants them to. Then a CAD 3D printer custom-makes the brackets for those specific teeth.
  3. Dental materials – We demonstrate and discuss different dental materials used in dentistry: metals, composites, alginate and stone. We can talk about their properties and the chemical reactions made.
  4. Dental careers – Is a career in dentistry right for you? Want to become a dentist, orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, dental radiologist, dental pathologist, dental forensic scientist, dental hygienist, assistant or lab tech? We can talk about what each one does and how long it takes in school, what type of classes you'd need to take, etc.

Contact us if you would like us to do a presentation in your classroom!‚Äč

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